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Jeremiah Films, Producing Christian Films and Documentaries.

Celebrating over 30 years in the field of video communication, Jeremiah Films continues to lead the way as an effective creator of hard hitting, life changing motion pictures. Through its high standards of excellence, Jeremiah Films has impacted the world with its production and distribution of intelligent, innovative, and thought provoking films, videos, books, and music. The founder and president of Jeremiah Films is award winning motion picture producer Patrick Matrisciana, whose success has made him a much sought after radio and television talk show guest.

With its cutting edge investigations of the political world and social arena, Jeremiah Films has successfully filled the void created by the national media, whose inability to consistently present the truth to the American public has become all too common. These highly informative and controversial videos have received international prominence with reviews appearing in major publications around the world. They have been effectively used by individuals and grassroots organizations as tools to help weed out government corruption as well as promote patriotism, traditional values, and the biblical worldview of our founding fathers.

  • Halloween
    3 videos


    3 videos

    104 videos


    104 videos

  • Clinton Crimes

    7 videos

    In the early 1980s, Bill Clinton started his path toward being one of the most powerful men in America. These films outline his Rise To Power, and the crimes they committed to get there.

  • The Pagan Invasion

    13 videos

    The Pagan Invasion series has exciting footage from around the world, capturing on tape real druid ceremonies shot in Stonehenge and many other bizarre and surreal rituals. With topics on Mormonism, Witchcraft, paganism, cults, the occult, satanism, halloween, yoga, meditation, channeling, freema...

  • Transhumanism

    3 videos